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IRB 340 is an ABB industrial robot, with 4 axes and parallel kinematics. It can assure high level of performances in the product picking / deposit process thanks to an acceleration of up to 10 g and a managing capacity of up to 2 Kg.

Thanks to these specifications, it is possible to reach an output of up to 150 cycles per minute. The robot is also available in the washable version, which is particularly suitable for food environments.

Equipped with the ABB S4C+ control, the FlexPicker can be inserted into packaging lines and communicate with other devices.

To enhance its flexibility, it can be interfaced with the ABB vision system, the PickMaster.

Thanks to the PickMaster software and to Cognex technology, the FlexPicker can pick up the products from the transport system while moving, deposit them on the moving trays or blisters and manage in real time the distribution of the load among many robots.

During function, flexibility is automatically managed by the control software.



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