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Cottage is a dairy product, sweet and creamy, with different fat contents and high moisture values.

The cottage line is composed of ''POLISOFT'' cheese vats, with double transverse and longitudinal cut, a drainage system moved on perforated rollers and on a plastic belt where coagulum is separated from whey and where the curd is washed with water. The last phase is represented by the dressing where the curd is mixed with cream and flavouring agents.




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Sordi has been among the first companies in the world to develop plants for the high temperature indirect heat exchangers of milk and to develop the first lines of mechanization for cheeses production. Sordi has used its expertise in dairy industry to develop and produce state-of-the-art plants in similar fields as the preparation and treatment of fruit juices, ice creams, pastry cream and food liquids in general.
In the last few years, Sordi has devoted a special commitment to the beverage industry of soy, rice, oats and other cereals.